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Album News: Beck ‘Modern Guilt’

Beck’s ‘Modern Guilt’ as you all know is being produced by the thinner guy from Gnarls Barkley, DangerMouse. The artist himself claims the album, titled ‘Modern Guilt’, has a 1960s British vibe. So it’ll be like a Beatles album then? I seriously hope that’s not what he’s aiming for.

The album is being released July 7th in the UK and Europe (Irish music fans will get to hear it on the 4th), and is a blisteringly short 30 minutes length. ‘Walls’ features Cat Power on guest vocals.

01 Orphans
02 Gamma Ray
03 Chemtrails
04 Modern Guilt
05 Youthless
06 Walls
07 Replica
08 Soul of a Man
09 Profanity Prayers
10 Volcano

Clips of four of these songs appear in this promotional video, each lasting about 30 seconds. The songs in order are: ‘Gamma Ray’, ‘Youthless’, the title track ‘Modern Guilt’, and ‘Walls’.

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