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Album News: Glen Campbell – Meet Glen Campbell

Meet Glen Campbell
You probably didn’t expect me to be talking about this classic country artist here, now, did you? Well, I love country music. I even think Carrie Underwood is one of the best new talents of the past few years. Country music often gets a bad rap, and in Ireland is associated with Big Tom and Declan Nerney. Legends.

It seems that Glen Campbell is trying to win over new fans, as he announces the release of his upcoming album Meet Glen Campbell. It’s out in three weeks’ time, and will feature covers of many contemporary artists, including our own U2! The U2 cover he’s chosen is ‘All I Want Is You’, made famous by girl group BelleFire. Well, not quite famous.

I’m most interested in hearing his take on the Foo Fighters. Legendary.

Anyhow, the full tracklist is as follows:
‘Sing’ (Travis)
‘Walls’ (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
‘Angel Dream’ (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
‘Times Like These’ (Foo Fighters)
‘These Days’ (Jackson Browne)
‘Sadly Beautiful’ (The Replacements)
‘All I Want Is You’ (U2)
‘Jesus’ (Velvet Underground)
‘Good Riddance (Green Day)
‘Grow Old With Me’ (John Lennon)

Watch ‘All I Want is You’ acoustic in Hong Kong:

Oh yeah, that’s the BelleFire version ;)

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