Setlist: Rage Against The Machine, Oxegen, 13 July 2008

Zach De la Rocha, Tom Morello and co. brought the 2008 Oxegen Festival to a close with fan favourite ‘Killing in the Name Of’. The rest of the set was damn good too, and many eardrums were probably burst with the shear power on display from the band who reformed just this year. Zach talked little (he’s noted for being a bit of an oddball), but with music this tenacious, who needs talking?

‘Bulls On Parade’
‘People Of The Sun’
‘Know Your Enemy’
‘Bullet In The Head’
‘Guerrilla Radio’
‘Calm Like A Bomb’
‘Sleep Now In the Fire’
‘War Within A Breath’
‘Killing In The Name’

Also played ‘Ashes in the Fall’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Born of a Broken Man’. I didn’t see RATM, so I got the setlist from NME. Sorry guys.

Here’s a tiny clip from Niamh on Youtube:

Some dude says in the comments that he cried afterwards. My Lord.

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