Setlist: Tom Waits, The Ratcellar, Phoenix Park, 30 July 2008

Shane McGowan was in attendance for the first night of Tom Wait’s trio of performances at The Ratcellar in the Phoenix Park last night. He was looking for a Guinness, but instead found a veteran artist at the top of his game.

Jim Carroll has a great review of last night’s show here:
He lists ten interesting and funny aspects of the gig. The tenth is excellent:
“(10) The reason why the venue is called The Rat Cellar? The audience looked like drowned rats slinking away afterwards into the Dublin night as the rain came down in buckets”

Lucinda / Ain’t Goin’ Down to the Well
Falling Down
On the Other Side of the World
I’ll Shoot the Moon
Cemetery Polka
Get Behind the Mule
Cold Cold Ground
Circus / Tabletop Joe
God’s Away on Business
Tom Traubert’s Blues
On the Nickel
Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minnneapolis
House Where Nobody Lives
Innocent When You Dream
Lie to Me
Hoist that Rag
Bottom of the World
Green Grass
Way Down in the Hole
Metropolitan Glide
Dirt in the Ground
Make it Rain
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Eyeball Kid

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