Electric Picnic 2008: POD Stage Timetable

3.00pm Pressure Drop
4.00pm Sophie Coyle
5.00pm Francesca Bainn
6.00pm Yukina and Paulie Backbone
7.00pm Ugly Megan
8.00pm Guest
9.00pm Pressure Drop
10.00pm Guest

12.00pm Abigail Smith
1.00pm Pressure Drop
2.00pm Steve Manning (space camp)
3.00pm Rodeopathic
4.00pm Robotnik
5.00pm TUCAN
6.00pm Isé
7.00pm Ping Pong
8.00pm Carosel
9.00pm Bone
10.00pm Guest

12.00pm Bahh Band
1.00pm Aine Duffy
2.00pm Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
3.00pm Lisa O’Neill
4.00pm Fia Rua
5.00pm Chai Wallah
6.00pm Ultan Conlon
7.00pm T-Woc
8.00pm Jamie Woon
9.00pm Chai Wallah
10.00pm Guest

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