News: State Magazine to go Free

Lots of rumours have gone around recently about the future of State Magazine, however the real truth has finally come to light. The magazine that features the wonderful insights of our good friend Nialler, is due to follow in the footsteps of Analogue, and be available free of charge.

Now this is great news for the music lover, but what will it mean for the magazine itself? Will they still be able to afford the same great writing team? Or will those writers move on to newer pastures? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. But hopefully this free magazine will continue to exist. Because it’s an excellent alternative to Hot Press, and something which is badly needed in this country. Although I must say I do prefer The Ticket in The Irish Times, but that’s just me.

Their own blog has this to say:
“State is heading down a similar route. We’re taking a month to continue rearranging the furniture and when we return at the beginning of next month State will be available to pick up in a venue, bar, cafe, shop, whatever near you for free. And if you can’t get one yet we’ll post you one for the price of a stamp. Aside from the price, what else will change? Well, nothing really. State Magazine will still bring you the best in music writing on the best music around, from the well known to the stuff that you really ought to know about.”

Hopefully things do remain the same. But free magazines/newspapers tend to have more advertisments in them, and the lack of a cover charge can often mean some redundancies. But as with everything else, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Also, Dave from http://toofamoustogetfullydressed.blogspot.com/ has said that the name should change to “Free State”. Genius.

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