List: My Top 50 Best Irish Music Acts Right Now

Niall and Peter have followed on from Jim and co. to do their own lists. I thought I’d chime in with mine. Like Niall’s it’s in alphabetical order. Numerical order would be impossible.

Adebisi Shank
Armoured Bear
Bell X1
Cap Pas Cap
Cathal Coughlan
Adrian Crowley
Dark Room Notes
Cathy Davey
Colin Devlin
The Divine Comedy
Duke Special
Evil Harrisons
Julie Feeney
Fight Like Apes
Martin Finke
Mick Flannery
The Frames/Swell Season/Glen Hansard
The Funeral Suits
The Gorgeous Colours
The Guggenheim Grotto
Ham Sandwich
Lisa Hannigan
Gemma Hayes
The Holy Roman Army
I am Not Lefthanded
The Jimmy Cake
The Kanyu Tree
The Kinetiks
David Kitt
Kitty and the Can Openers
Lines Drawing Circles
Colm Mac Con Iomaire
Imelda May
Messiah J and the Expert
The Mighty Stef
Mumblin’ Deaf Ro
Roisin Murphy
One Day International
Pony Club
Fionn Regan
Damien Rice
The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock
Wallis Bird

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