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Album News: Tindersticks – Falling Down a Mountain

Falling Down a Mountain will be the eight album from Tindersticks. There’s two release dates floating around, one is the US release: February 16th 2010, and the other is the UK one: January 25th. No idea why the gap is – that’ll just lead to downloading in my opinion. I was introduced to these guys only last year, and I’m catching up on their back catalogue at the moment. So new material will mean I’ll have even more to listen to. Great!

You can download an mp3 of the album track ‘Black Smoke’ below.

01 Falling Down a Mountain
02 Keep You Beautiful
03 Harmony Around My Table
04 Peanuts
05 She Rode Me Down
06 Hubbards Hills
07 Black Smoke
08 No Place So Alone
09 Factory Girls
10 Piano Music

Tindersticks – ‘Black Smoke’

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