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Download: The Hold Steady – Manchester Academy 2008 Bootleg

The Hold Steady are known for putting on great live shows. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a bootleg from any of their Irish gigs (they played Dublin’s Academy a few times), but here’s the closest I could get, from Manchester’s venue of the same name. Academy 2 on February 26th, 2008.

01. Hornets! Hornets!
02. Stuck Between Stations
03. Banging Camp
04. Chips Ahoy!
05. Massive Nights
06. Party Pit
07. Constructive Summer
08. Multitude of Casualties
09. Stevie Nix
10. You Can Make Him Like You
11. Cattle and the Creeping Things
12. Stay Positive
13. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
14. Southtown Girls
15. First Night
16. How a Resurrection Feels
17. Killer Parties

Part 1
Part 2

Watch ‘Stay Positive’ from the gig:

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