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Album News: Seasick Steve – Songs for Elisabeth

Seasick Steve - Songs for Elisabeth

Elizabeth, you were born to play the part. But Seasick Steve was born to play his part too. The old-time rocker, like the kind that we’ve seen in so many outlaw movies. He fits that bill perfectly. And it’s not just the way he looks and acts, it’s the music too. It’s phenomenal. I wonder why he wasn’t cast in Jeff Bridge’s Crazy Heart?

Seasick Steve is releasing a special Valentine’s gift for his wife, Elisabeth, and luckily we all get to hear it. It has wonderful packaging, almost like a Valentine’s Card, with the following inscription:
“Real bad luck
That’s the cards in my hand
The only ace I’ve ever drawn
Is when you let me be
Your lovin’ man”

1. 8 Ball
2. Walkin Man
3. My Donny
4. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
5. Just Like A King
6. My Home (Blue Eyes)
7. Ready For Love

Steve will also be coming to Vicar Street on February 22nd and 23rd. There’s still tickets for the second night available.

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