Single Review: Ultan Conlon – The Universe Tune

Next week, Ultan Conlon releases the second single ‘The Universe Tune’ from his splendid debut album Bless Your Heart. The album came out last year, but at the time, it totally missed me. Peter Nagle over at 2UIBestow was all over it though, and directed me in its direction.

The album itself is gorgeous, and this is it’s highest point. It’s a wonderful single from the Galweigan, and reminds me of that raw, uplifting feel of an early Frames album. The single version of the album is snipped and remastered, making it even more radio-friendly. It was always radio-friendly to begin with, it gently lulls you in, and keeps you around for seconds. You’ll definitely find yourself putting this one on repeat. A glorious triumph, and no doubt one of the Irish singles of the year.

More info:

Watch the single live in Tullamore:

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