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Album News: Fast Forward – An Indie Music Compilation to World Cup 2010

This is perhaps one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s a collection of 32 songs – one for each team – about the World Cup, featuring some of Ireland’s finest artists. Well it’s about as close as we’re going to get to the World Cup, especially when you look at the French tune, ‘Irlande’ from the Very Most. Some of the highlights for me have to be Grand Pocket Orchestra, Pearse McLoughlin, Hunter-Gatherer, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

There’s some wonderful tunes on here, and it’s an album you’ll keep coming back to. You can stream it in full over at Indiecater Records’ website, or else buy the whole damn thing for €5. A measly €5 for 32 songs!

1) Cop On The Edge – Bafana Bafana (RSA)
2) Standard Fare – Vaya Vaya México! (MEX)
3) Showstar – Uruguay! (URU)
4) The Very Most – Irlande (FRA)
5) The Dirty 9s – Ballad of El Diego (ARG)
6) Grand Pocket Orchestra – Nigeria (NGA)
7) Pearse McLoughlin – Jongmyo Shrine (KOR)
8) At Last An Atlas – The Pirate Ship (GRE)
9) Detox Cute – St George’s Day (ENG)
10) Echo Orbiter – Game Without A Name (USA)
11) Boca Chica – Wildlife of Algeria (ALG)
12) Lightholler – Slovenia’s Dream (SVN)
13) Betty and the Cavalero – Meet Me At The Red Light (GER)
14) Sleep Good – Australia (AUS)
15) Hunter-Gatherer – Serbia (SRB)
16) The Invisible Clock Factory – We Are The Black Stars (GHA)
17) Burning Codes – Wooded Land (NED)
18) Cleemann – Princes of Denmark (DEN)
19) Goatboy – Japanese City Nights (JPN)
20) Spirit Spine – Field Way (Song For Cameroon) (CMR)
21) Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Don’t Get Fooled By The Football
Players’ Summery Outfit (ITA)
22) Harry Bird – Pesadilla No.7 (PAR)
23) Adam & Darcie – Aotearoa (NZL)
24) Escape Act – Slovakia (SVK)
25) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Back To You (BRA)
26) Francis Bacon’s Ghost – Kim Jung II (PRK)
27) Storkboy Choons – Côte d’Ivoire (CIV)
28) Tap Tap – Dry Dry Land (POR)
29) The Yellow Melodies – Vamos A Ganar El Mundial (ESP)
30) Candy Claws – Alp Sway Snow Team (SUI)
31) My Brother Woody – Carlos Dreams of World Cup Glory (HON)
32) Manwomanchild – Chile La Roja (CHI)

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Don’t Get Fooled By The Football
Players’ Summery Outfit (ITA)

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