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Album News: Rhymefest – El Che

Rhymefest has had a very succesful career so far even though the man born Che Smith has only released one proper album so far. He’s a Grammy Award winning songwriter, having co-wrote ‘Jesus Walks’ with Kanye West, and his Man in the Mirror mixtape (released before Michael Jackson’s death) is one of the finest mixtapes I have heard in years. His debut album Blue Collar came out in 2006, and next week he’s due to release the follow-up El Che. It’s set to be good, the man is damn talented.

1. “Intro: The Agent”
2. “Talk My Shit”
3. “Say Whassup” (feat. Phonte of Little Brother)
4. “How High” (feat. Little Brother & Darien Brockington)
5. “Chocolates”
6. “One Arm Push Up”
7. “Prosperity”
8. “Truth On You” (feat. Twone Gabz)
9. “Intermisson: Juan Carlos”
10. “Chicago”
11. “Agony” (feat. Glenn Lewis)
12. “Last Night”
13. “Give It to Me” (feat. Saigon & Adad)
14. “Intermission: No Help”
15. “City Is Fallen” (feat. Slique)
16. “Celebration”

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