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Album News: Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier

Not only will Irish fans get the chance to see Iron Maiden live this summer at the O2 on July 30th, but two weeks later can get the chance to hear brand new studio tracks on the band’s fifteenth album, The Final Frontier. Better still, the band are giving away one of the album’s ten songs, ‘El Dorado’, as a free mp3 download on their official site from today.

1. Satellite 15…..The Final Frontier 8:40
2. El Dorado 6:49
3. Mother Of Mercy 5:20
4. Coming Home 5:52
5. The Alchemist 4:29
6. Isle Of Avalon 9:06
7. Starblind 7:48
8. The Talisman 9:03
9. The Man Who Would Be King 8:28
10. When The Wild Wind Blows 10:59

Download ‘El Dorado’:

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