Interview: Planet Parade

The wonderful three-piece from Kildare, Planet Parade, are one of Ireland’s hottest upcoming acts. They released their debut EP Ghosts to People at the end of last year, and have gone from strength to strength. It’s their live shows where they really stand out, and have won acclaim from many sources since their breakout performance at Hard Working Class Heroes in October. Here’s what the guys had to say when I got the chance to talk to them.

Planet Parade

You’ve been together for two years, do you feel you’ve grown as a band from then til now?
We’ve actually been playing music together for more than five years now and we’ve always been on the same page.
It is only in the last two years or so that we found a page we’re all happy with. Our relentless practicing feels like it’s doing what it should.

As a three-piece, you must be very close. Are there ever any fallouts/bust-ups?
We spend a lot of time together. Before being a band we are close friends so basically yes, we fight.

Has touring and playing live had an impact on how you record in the studio?
One thing we always try to project in our live shows is energy. In recent times we have been trying to capture that on record.

How’s your debut full-length album coming along?
We just finished recording our second EP. It went really well. For now we have no concrete plans for an album.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?
We tend to aim for danceable grooves, harmonious guitars and hooky vocals. It’s probably not up to us to say whether we achieve that or not.

Do you read reviews of yourself, or pay attention to what the media has to say?
Not so much anymore. The first bit of negative press put us off a little I think. We realised we’re happier in our little bubble of blissful ignorance.

You’ve supported some big name acts, who has been the highlight?
Supporting Passion Pit at the Green Spheres gig in Cork was a great night for us. They’re a top international band so sharing a stage with them was a massive honour.

You’ve been added to the bill for Oxegen, that must feel like a huge achievement?
Playing Oxegen 2010 was a goal we set for ourselves last Summer. Getting it makes us feel like we can achieve anything. That’s a good feeling.

And whose sets will you try to catch over the weekend?
We’re definitely going to see Earth wind and Fire. Other than that there’s Wild Beasts, Vampire Weekend, Doves… as many as possible really.

What’s next for Planet Parade?

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