Links: 98 FM Interview 13 June 2010

Once again, I was a guest on John Barker’s Totally Irish on 98fm on Sunday night. If you tuned in and wanted to know more about what I discussed (apart from my tips for the World Cup), here are the links.

The show itself…
Totally Irish on 98fm

Richter Collective
An independent label formed by musicians, who are more about promoting great music than anything else. Features some great Irish acts like Adebisi Shank, BATS, and the Redneck Manifesto.

Richter Collective Sampler
A mixtape of tunes from all of the RC’s finest bands, exclusively on State.ie. Stream and download it here:

Enemies – We’ve Been Talking
Debut album from one of the Richter Collective’s best upcoming bands. Stream it in full here:

Jogging – Minutes
One of the more impressive Irish debuts this year, Jogging are the best band signed to RC (so far) in my opinion. Hear their debut in its entirety here:

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