Live Review

Live Review: Band of Horses, Tripod, 4 June 2010

Artist: Band of Horses
Venue: Tripod, Dublin
Date: 4 June 2010
Support: Darker My Love



Dee Lennon, Goldenplec
“Members of the band change frequently, as die-hard fans know, but the five that were part of the set on Friday evening meshed well, and Bridwell proved to be an effective front man.”


‘Am I A Good Man’:

‘Cigarettes, Wedding Bands’:



‘Is There A Ghost?’:


‘Marry Song’:

‘No-One’s Gonna Love You’:

‘NW Apartment’:

‘Ode to LRC’:


‘The First Song’:

‘The Funeral’:

‘The General Specific’:

‘The Great Salt Lake’:

‘Weed Party’:

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