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Live Review: Green Day, Marlay Park, 23 June 2010

Artist: Green Day
Venue: Marlay Park, Dublin
Date: 23 June 2010
Support: Paramore, Joan Jett



Sean Stevens, Goldenplec
“It was a far cry from the band’s early days in underground punk clubs playing to adoring audiences and more importantly doing what made them interesting in the first place. But with a mighty stage and the Dublin mountains as their backdrop it was surely going to be a great show.

Phil Udell, State Magazine
“To see a band who managed not only to save their career but produce a work so complete as American Idiot still reduced to fooling around in women’s clothing while doing stupid covers is simply disheartening.”

Dermot Buckley,
“Green Day last night was the single most overwhelming thing I’ve ever been a part of. I cannot even try to imagine a show that will ever top that. All the synonyms of “incredible” together would still never describe what I witnessed last night.”

Tommy Collison, Trust Tommy
“Green Day are a phenomenal band because they possess an incredible ability to get a crowd alive. I can’t compare them to other bands but after the show I get the feeling that it’ll be quite difficult for a band to match Green Day.”


’21 Guns’:

‘American Idiot’:

‘Basket Case’:

‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’:

‘Highway to Hell’:

‘Know Your Enemy’:



‘When I Come Around’:

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