Live Review

Live Review: Rage Against the Machine, O2 Dublin, 8 June 2010

Artist: Rage Against the Machine
Venue: O2, Dublin
Date: 8 June 2010
Support: Gallows



Jonathan Keane, Drop-D
“People have been heavily debating the price of Rage Against The Machine tickets since their O2 Dublin show was announced in February. At €70 a pop was it really worth an evening with one of the most influential rock acts of the last 20 years? The answer is, despite its heady price, an emphatic and resounding yes.”

Patrick Conboy, State Magazine
“Tonight is all about the music and with scarcely a single weak link in their back catalogue, the prospect of seeing RATM in concert is one State has long been looking forward too. The sense of anticipation in the air is almost tangible tonight and it reaches fever pitch as the the lights go out and the wailing of air raid sirens echoes around the auditorium.”



‘Bullet in the Head’:


‘Killing in the Name’:

‘Know Your Enemy’:

‘Sleep Now in the Fire’:


‘Wake Up’:

‘White Riot’:

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