Setlist: Band of Horses, Tripod, 4 June 2010

Band of Horses played at the Tripod on Friday night. It was packed to capacity, and a great chance to see the excellent American folk-rockers.

1. Laredo
2. NW Apt.
3. Is There A Ghost?
4. Ode to LRC
5. No One’s Gonna Love You
6. The First Song
7. Compliments
8. The Great Salt Lake
9. Weed Party
10. Older
11. The Funeral

12. Our Swords

Watch Band of Horses – ‘The Funeral’ live at Tripod:

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  1. Gerbatov

    Cheers for using my video, .lads ;-)
    Great gig!

  2. Ronan

    Haha, good stuff. It's much better than the rest of the vids from the gig. Fair play.

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