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Single Review: Jedward – All The Small Things

Jedward – ‘All the Small Things’

After its first ever play on the Colm and Lucy show on RTE 2FM earlier today, the second single from Lucan twins John and Edward Grimes (better known as Jedward from the X Factor) popped into my inbox. The boys are so ubiquitous with cheesiness that I had to give it a listen.

I’ve played the song over half a dozen times now, and it still has the same impact. Sure it’s no masterpiece – it’s a Blink 182 cover, after all – but it is fun. Which is exactly what you expect from Jedward. The video has not been unleashed on the world yet, but expect that to take it up a further notch.

The song has wonderful handclaps which actually give it an extra dimension. In fact, it almost gives it a feel of Hole’s ‘Malibu’. There’s a whole Courtney Love dimension to Jedward that has yet to be explored. Maybe a collaboration may be possible some time in the future? The only sour point is the J-to-the-e-to-the-d-to-the-ward rap interlude two minutes in, but you can’t have everything.

Overall, the song is far from a travesty. It’s better than you’d expect if you’re going to be a scornful rock fan/indie snob. However, if you’re one of the many, many people who followed them on the X Factor and rang in every week, then you’ll eat this up.

Their debut album, Planet Jedward, is due next month. Expect it to sell bucketloads!

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  1. As a person who likes his music, and i’m a fan of cover’s when they are done right i have to say i’m not groundbroken by this song.

    It really is just the Grimes twins putting vocals and the occasional giggle and rap attempt to what 98% of which is really just a karaoke version of Blink 182′s all the small things.

    Had they tried to do something new and different with the track i’d have really been interested, but they just made it a karaoke song, i loved “Under Pressure” it was a good song for them, they involved vanilla ice on it and it was well produced. This however just feels lazy

  2. I can see where you’re coming from Aidan, but the way I see it is: these boys are never going to reinvent the wheel. They’re not musicians or songwriters, hell, they’re not even very good at singing. But by covering this song from ten years ago, they’re bringing it to a new audience. Maybe teenagers now will find a new love for Blink 182, people who had never seen the original video.

    ‘Under Pressure’ was definitely a song which had more input/was changed more, but on the whole, I could actually see myself listening to this and singing along in the car, whereas the “Stop-collaborate and listen” part in ‘Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure’ just drives me mental.

    It’ll be interesting to see what the next song is, and what the album is like. Maybe that’ll have 60% Jedward input and 40% carbon-copy. Because we never should expect anything more than that. They just don’t have the talent to make something of their own.

    *Goes off to put ‘All the Small Things’ on again*

  3. Sparkle_Miss

    “Because we never should expect anything more than that. They just don’t have the talent to make something of their own.” You see that’s where i think you’re wrong. They already have the talent of being wonderful self-promoters. I reckon if they had a good production team behind them that catered for their voices they could be pop gold. (I was thinking Xenomania but they’ve kind of gone of the boil of late). There were rumours that Alphabeat were writing for them and that would have been great for them. They’ve got the personalities and looks, if the label were willing to invest a bit of money into them rather than rushing out an album of mostly covers i think they could be great pop stars. But I fear that isn’t going to happen.

  4. Oh definitely. If they got someone else to lineup the tunes for them, they definitely could have an album of originals. They’d need some damn good producers and song writers. We’ll have to see what happens with album #2…

  5. rachel

    i absouloutley love jedward but this song is mindblowing compared to ice ice baby although it is still good i think with my fellow 53,000 fans all buying several copies jedward will be a number one in know time.

    i have listenin to the song over 3o times now and i disagree about your rap statement i think j-to the-e-to the-d-to the ward is awesome and i think it get chatchier as you listen to it

    i would give ten out of ten as it is alot better than any other songs out there!!

  6. sean

    Rachel are you a promoter for Jedward??????OR are you Jedward?????Or Jedwards Team?????? I think that you may get to no 1 but in fairness dont jedward want to be looked at as serious artists instead of a joke? Sure they are running to the bank with lots of money???But isnt that dangerous seeing that they are just puppets in the whole Universal wheel. Sort of the Celebrity type status is what they really are. I think Jedward will be around for a long time. they have the looks that are very appealing to the gay community and the teenyboppers and I would put them into the same category as Jordan. Their music is really grafitti to the ears and maybe they should consider redirecting their energies into making themselves believable instead of following record moguls ideas. Start by writing your own material get real friends to give you ideas and direct you and start making your own waves. I think Jedward have a lote of love hate stuff going on and in all fairness its because its all so karaoke. Japan would love them seriously

  7. Amber

    It’s funny you should mention Japan Sean because John and Edward are going to be launched there soon via modelling campaigns! The new single is good,it didn’t blow my mind but I didn’t really expect it to either. The recording of the album was rather quick which is a pity because even though they’re not the best vocalists/musicians out there…something to which they’ll readily admit which I think is quite admirable really,they are very intelligent guys who are passionate about music and performance so I think that there’s a lot more to them than we’re getting to see at the moment because everything’s been so rushed that they haven’t had time to think ! They’ve sold more than 50,000 tickets on their first Irish tour which I was lucky enough to catch a performance of in Dublin so obviously there’s something about them…I’ve heard that some fans went to as many as ten of the shows…why would you go to the effort if it wasn’t worthwhile? From my experience John and Edward put everything into their live performances…ok the vocals and dancing aren’t spot on but the passion and effort that goes into them is inspiring! I really hope that the single and album do well for them as they truly deserve it for the trojan work they put in!

  8. rachel


    jedward i addmit may not be as good a singer as say taylor swift (who they love btw) but they are two teenagers living the dream so just dont try and take it away from you how would you like it if somone kept talking the mick out of you and your dream, you wouldnt like it so just think how they like it with all the people treating them!!!

    just remember jedward have millions of fans all over the world and everyone has heard of them

  9. Rachel: your teenagers living the dream comment got me thinking – I’d much rather listen to Jedward over and over than Justin Bieber, and his Godawful ‘eenie meeenie minie mo love”‘. Perhaps the worst song I’ve ever heard. It also justifies why releasing a covers album can sometimes be better than one of new, horrible, material.

  10. rachel

    i agree because well eenie meenie is terrible and its supposed to be aimed at people like me but a lot more people now like jedward than justin bieber espicially since his voice broke.
    if you were to interview all the girls in my school about who they think is better they would mainly say jedward over justin bieber so people cant say jedward are the worst ever as well they clearly arent they are one of the best being known as the most famous twins in the world must count as something

  11. isla

    i toatally agree with rachel jedward are really good and are two teenagers living the dream i think fans like her are good for all celebrities with them advertising them in all.
    i think jedwards new song is really chatchy especcially the j to the e to the d to the ward is groovy.
    they deserve a number one after all they have done.

    im going to do a good dead just for rachel and say FOLLOW @planetjedward
    as the song says

  12. rachel

    thanks isla thats really cool of you but only one thing GROOVY not the most ‘in’ word at the mo sorry :( but yes i agree FOLLOW @planetjedward

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