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Stream: MIA – MAYA

The new album from MIA, called ///Y/, is due for release on July 12th, but can now be streamed in full at the People’s Music Store website. The stream allows you to listen to 30 second snippets of the entire thing, so in theory you can listen to all the album. You just have to reload every 30 seconds!

1 “The Message” 0:57
2 “Steppin’ Up” 4:01
3 “XXXO” 2:54
4 “Teqkilla” 6:19
5 “Lovalot” 2:50
6 “Story Told” 3:32
7 “It Takes a Muscle” 3:00
8 “It Iz What It Iz” 3:29
9 “Born Free” 4:07
10 “Meds and Feds” 3:08
11 “Tell Me Why” 4:10
12 “Space” 3:08


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