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Stream: The Holy Roman Army – Daylight Savings Mixtape

The Holy Roman Army have continued their run of excellent run of releases with a new mixtape. The Carlow duo have included some of their favourite summer tunes as well as their very own mashups. Have a listen to it in full below.

1. RJD2/Beach Boys/Kanye West mash-up
2. Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band/Kanye mash-up
3. Jose Gonzales/Boxcutter mash-up
4. Ohmega Watts- Where It All Started
5. Boxcutter- Skuff’d
6. Peace Orchestra- Double Drums (DJ DSL remix)
7. James Blake- CMYK
8. Edan/Amiina mash-up
9. Blakroc/Soul Fantastics mash-up
10. Bonobo- Kiara
11. Janelle Monae- Wondaland
12. Katzenjammers- Cars
13. Johnson & Jonson- The Only Way
14. Stereolab- Miss Modular
15. Jackson Jones- I Feel Good, Put Your Pants On
16. Take- Neon Beams
17. Caribou- Sandy/Spank Rock- Bump
18. Trost- Die Treppe
19. Trespassers William- Vapour Trail

Daylight Savings Mixtape by theholyromanarmy

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