Live: Oxegen 2010 Saturday Preview

Unlike some of the other Oxegen 2010 previews, I’m not just going to list 5 or so artists to check out, I’m going to tell you who to see and at what times over the entire weekend. Here’s Part 2: Saturday, 10th July 2010. All times are approximate. Check the full schedule below for exact times.

The Stranglers, Main Stage
Everybody loves a bit of nostalgia. And when you’re tired on Saturday morning after a hard night’s partying/difficult night’s sleep, who better than the Stranglers with their anthem ‘Golden Brown’. Everyone knows the words!

The Minutes, Red Bull Stage
It’s early on Saturday and already there’s a clash. The Minutes are on the Red Bull Stage at 14:45, and Wallis Bird is in flight over at Heineken Green Spheres at 15:00. I marginally sided with the Minutes. Just because they’re on one of the smaller stages, and thus are less likely to get random passers-by.

Biffy Clyro, Main Stage
But before you go to catch Biffy at half four, you should visit the Vodafone Stage for half an hour to see Northerners Two Door Cinema Club. If you don’t know them already, you actually do: from that Vodafone broadband in a box advert. So what better place for them to take to the stage. Scots Biffy Clyro are really starting to take off, and are a perfect festival band.

Mayer Hawthorne, 2FM/Hot Press Academy
By now, you all know of my hatred for Florence and the Machine, and my love for Ellie Goulding isn’t too much better. So Mayer Hawthorne seems like a very worthy alternative.  He’s the only Mayer left at Oxegen 2010, now that John is gone, but promises to be just as entertaining (although not via his private life). His style is a classic smooth, and if you haven’t heard him before now, prepare to be impressed.

The Cribs, Vodafone Stage
Neither Dizzee Rascal or La Roux pull at my heartstrings, and I don’t know much by 3Oh!3 outside of that Katy Perry tune, so I plumped with the Cribs on the Vodafone Stage. They’re a 00s British rock band in the mould of the Libertines, and now that Johnny Marr has become a fully-fledged member of the band, have gotten even better.

Dirty Projectors, Red Bull Stage
Their new EP with Bjork isn’t a patch on their own material. Anyone who has heard 2009′s Bitte Orca will tell you how good they are, and their collaboration with Talking Heads’ David Byrne, ‘Knotty Pine’ was undoubtedly one of the songs of last year. I’m not sure how good they are live, but I’m willing to take a risk on them.

Kasabian, Main Stage
Yeasayer are one of this year’s most hyped bands, and their set at the 2FM/Hot Press Academy may be well worth checking out. Similarly, The Drums, A-Trak, and Doves will all be worth watching, depending on your tastes. However, Kasabian are a festival band. They’re playing at the right time of the day too, and will give you that second wind to carry you in to the rest of the night.

Hot Chip, Heineken Green Spheres
If you get bored with Kasabian though, there’s always Hot Chip on Heineken Green Spheres. If the weather stays good, their brand of funky pop-rock will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Alternatively, Bombay Bicycle Club aren’t half bad either.

Muse, Main Stage
One of the best live bands around, Muse are a must-see at Oxegen this year. Particularly if you haven’t seen them before. Matt Bellamy and co. always put on a spectacular show that is bound to bring the wow factor. They’re clashing with Black Eyed Peas, Armand Van Helden, and Calvin Harris, and if Muse isn’t your thing, I’d highly recommend Black Eyed Peas. Their live show is always impressive too, and they were one of the unexpected highlights when they performed at Oxegen a few years back.

See the full timetable here:

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  1. Good run down, personally I’ll catch that Ellie Goulding, Cathy Davey and La Rou run but that’s a particular taste. Good feel for the festival dynamic there, Casabian should be perfect for that vital lift as the energy drops at that time of the night.

  2. Ah yes, that’s from too many festivals. You always feel tired around 6 through to 8 or 9. After the enthusiasm for the day wears off, and before the most-anticipated headliners come on. Hopefully after Kasabian, everyone will have the energy to dance to Hot Chip!

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