Setlist: Deep Purple, St. George’s Market, Belfast, 28 June 2010

Deep Purple’s World Tour stopped off in Ireland North and South with gigs in Belfast and Cork earlier this week. Strangely, there was no Dublin date, but these guys have been around that long that they’d need a day off between shows. I remember many a day in fifth and sixth year spent in the art room listening to Deep Purple or Santana or Bruce Springsteen while working away painting or drawing old boots and teapots. Those were the days. Every time I hear the opening riff of ‘Smoke on the Water’, I’m always brought back to then. Thanks Mike Cantwell!

1. Highway Star
2. Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic
3. Strange Kind Of Woman
4. Maybe I’m a Leo
5. Rapture Of The Deep
6. Fireball
7. Contact Lost
8. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
9. The Well Dressed Guitar
10. Mary Long
11. Lazy
12. No One Came
13. Keyboard Solo
14. Perfect Strangers
15. Space Truckin’
16. Smoke On The Water

17. Green Onions
18. Hush
19. Black Night

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