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Album Cover: Imelda May – Mayhem

As you may have heard (I did mention it before), Imelda May’s second album is cleverly called Mayhem, and is due for release on Universal Records on October 4th. It should be a wonderful follow-up, as Imelda learns and builds from her excellent debut. It’s fourteen tracks long, and the last one is ‘Tainted Love’. I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, but hopefully that’s a cover of the awesome Gloria Jones/Soft Cell classic.

1. Pulling the Rug
2. Psycho
3. Mayhem
4. Kentish Town Waltz
5. All For You
6. Eternity
7. Inside Out
8. Proud and Humble
9. Sneaky Freak
10. Bury My Troubles
11. Too Sad to Cry
12. I’m Alive
13. Let Me Out
14. Tainted Love

You can download ‘Sneaky Freak’ here:

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