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Album Review: Jody Has A Hitlist – Boy Caught Envy EP

Jody Has a Hitlist – Boy Caught Envy EP

Ireland doesn’t have a massive pop-punk scene. It’s hard to sound original and yet native in a genre that is so utterly American. Jody Has A Hitlist are Ireland’s answer to all those Kerrang-championed bands (remember when Kerrang was a metal magazine?), and they’re a damn fine attempt at being the Irish Something Corporate or Hundred Reasons.

They were nominated for a Meteor for ‘Best New Act’ due to their massive fanbase, so obviously they are doing something right. This is their second EP, and has been made available as a free download on BandCamp (stream/download it below). A brilliant marketing decision, allowing their fanbase to grow even further. But is it any good?

Well, it is and it isn’t. The guys are fantastic musicians, it’s easy to tell that. But the whole thing is relentless. Even at only three tracks long, it feels like too much of a battering. What makes a band like Something Corporate stand out is the introduction of slower, more laid-back tracks (such as ‘Konstantine’). JHAH really need some slower tracks on their debut album, whenever it does come out.

However, the EP is definitely a step in the right direction from their self-titled first release. ‘See You Around’ is their best song to date, and shows that the band have really grown due to touring and from general live experience. ‘Remember This Forever’ introduces piano into the mix, and it would be nice to see a electric guitar-less, piano-led track on the final album.

Here’s my tip for the lads: even Michael Schumacher needs to slow down sometimes. Otherwise you’ll never turn that corner. That said, if you want to jump around in ecstasy for a good ten minutes, this is just for you. Maybe I’m getting harder to please and have started to slow down in my old age.


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