Live: Fight Like Apes Nationwide Instore Gigs

As part of the launch festivities for Fight Like Apes’ second album The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner, they have announced a series of instore gigs across the country. They launch the album on the 26th of August at Tower Records (More on that here), but they’ll be playing record stores around Ireland to give fans a chance to meet them and hear some of the new songs live.

Instore Tour dates:
DUBLIN – HMV Grafton Street – 1pm, Friday 27th August
GALWAY – HMV Barrock Lane, 4.30pm, Saturday 28th August
DROGHEDA – HMV Scotch Hall Shopping Centre, 1pm, Tuesday 31st August
KILKENNY – Rollercoaster Music, Kieran Street, 1pm, Wednesday 1st September
WATERFORD – BPM Records, Blackfriars, 5.30pm, Thursday 2nd September

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