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Album News: Bill Coleman – You Can’t Buy Back Your Life

If there’s one thing 2UIBestow has taught me, it’s that Bill Coleman is a modern-day legend. The Corkman is one of Ireland’s unsung wonders, and makes marvellous indie-pop tunes. He’s back with a new record on October 15th, and it features wonderful album production – and that’s just the packaging!

1000 albums were all sprayed and stencilled by Bill himself, and it’s so much better than just owning some mp3s. You can watch him making the cases here:

I Want You To Know
Welcome To The Breakdown
False North
She Knows I Know
Your Hands Were Made For Working
Am I Still Your Number One?
Bad Place To Find
Church Of Second Chances
The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair

Tour Dates:
Sat 16 Oct – Gonzo Theatre, Cavan
Fri 22 Oct – Laverys Bunker, Belfast
Sat 23-Oct – The Exchange, Dublin (all ages 7.30pm show + artwork display)
Wed 27 Oct -The Spirit Store (Downstairs), Dundalk
Thurs 28 Oct – Roisin Dubh(upstairs), Galway
Fri 29 Oct -The Passion Theatre, Athlone
Sat 06 Nov – Triskel/Plugd, Cork (all ages 4.30pm show + artwork display)
Thurs 18 Nov – Bolyes, Slane

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