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I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but there’s probably no better way to get it out there than saying it on here. Myself and my good friend Michael have started up a football blog concerned with all things Irish. Greenscene.me focuses on Irish players playing in England and Scotland as well as further afield. We profile everyone from the Premier League to the lower divisions, and not just in England. Last week, we profiled Padraig Amond, who currently plays in Portugal, as well as under-18 players with the likes of Blackburn and Everton.

As well as player profiles, match reports, round-ups, etc. we have the Trapattoni Index, which ranks every Irish player in the Premiership, Championship, Scottish Premiership and abroad based on their performances every week.

Yesterday, thanks to Airtricity’s Greatest Save campaign I got the chance to meet and interview Jack Charlton for the website. He was charming from start to finish, and was very insightful.

This is only the start for GreenScene, and hopefully it’ll get bigger and better from here.

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