Live: Electric Picnic 2010 Saturday Preview

After the success of my Friday preview yesterday, you can now admire the follow-up. Here’s the ten acts I recommend seeing on Saturday at Electric Picnic 2010.

Paul Brady
I’ve always had a softspot for Paul Brady. He’s a phenomenal songwriter, and he’s sure to bust out some classic tunes at Electric Picnic 2010. A lot of the younger punters may not know him outside of a handful of singles, and thus, he’s definitely worth checking out. He plays the Crawdaddy Stage at 6.45.

Ultan Conlon
Early in the day is usually the best time for discovering new acts (many people haven’t heard of a lot of the early folk). If you’re in that kind of exploratory mood, then Ultan Conlon’s live set should be a wonderful way to start off the festival’s second day. He’s on the Body and Soul Main Stage at 11.50 in the morning.

Cathy Davey
2010 has been Cathy Davey’s most successful year, she’s followed up Choice favourite Tales of Silversleeve with an equally excellent record, The Nameless. She’s sure to be one of the biggest home-grown draws of the weekend, alongside Villagers who play the same stage earlier in the day. She’ll be on the CrawDaddy stage at 9.45.

Steve Earle
One of my top, top, top picks for the weekend is the legend that is Steve Earle. He doesn’t visit Ireland too often, and in the intimate environs of the Crawdaddy Arena, he’s sure to bring out his best. He takes to the stage at 8.15. Not to be missed.

The Frames
Although he might be a bit shook after what happened at the Swell Season concert last month, Glen Hansard always puts on a good show. Especially in front of a home crowd. Expect to hear a lot of Frames classics and maybe a Swell Season tune or two. They’re also usually good for an unexpected cover. They’re appearing on the Main Stage at 10.30.

One of the breakout acts of 2009/10 thanks to the use of ‘Remember When’ in the Discover Ireland advertising campaign, Heathers have been slogging away for a few years now. Their live set always delights, and they should play some new material as well as the other songs from excellent debut Here, Not There. The play the Main Stage at 2.15.

Imelda May
Imelda May was very impressive last time at Electric Picnic, and this time she has new material to showcase. Her new album Mayhem builds on the strengths of the first record, and it’ll be interesting to hear the songs in a live setting. 8.45 on the Main Stage.

The Mighty Stef
Stefan Murphy is a wonderful singer-songwriter from Dublin. He’s cocky and bombastic, and his live show is always a powerhouse of tunes. He’s not your laid back Damien Rice type, and this makes him a breath of fresh air on the Irish music scene. Another one to look out for if you’re an EP first timer. Appearing at 2.00 on the Cosby Stage.

The Redneck Manifesto
Richie Egan is having great success with Jape, but some people may not know that he’s in another band – the fabulous Redneck Manifesto. Their set is laden with clever musicianship and wonderful textured songs, and should be great on a sunny September afternoon. They play the Crawdaddy Stage at 4.00.

What can be said about Conor O’Brien that hasn’t been said already. He’s nominated for the Mercury Prize, and could be an outside winner (here’s hoping). Either way, his career as Villagers is only in the early stages, and he’s sue to get bigger and bigger. Maybe even take to the Main Stage as a headliner in 2011? He plays the Crawdaddy Stage at 5.15.

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