List: Potential Sound of 2011 Contenders – The Ladies

In January, when the BBC Sound of 2011 list is announced (as well as the Irish Sound of 2011 list compiled by myself and Peter Nagle of 2UIBestow, check out our 2010 list here), everyone who thinks they’re cool will get in on the act, and you can no longer say “I was listening to them last year”. So what better time to start now, to get you in ahead of the posse, and win some cool points.

Here’s the five female acts I’m tipping…

Dolly Rockers
There’s not many X Factor acts that could be considered cool, but Dolly Rockers, who made it to judges’ houses in 2006. If Cher is considered edgy, then Simon Cowell and co. really overlooked this electro-pop trio, who signed to EMI this year, and released ‘Gold Digger’, it didn’t dent the chart at #46, but expect it to feature again next year. However, it’s their other single ‘Je Suis Une Dolly’ which samples Bill Wyman that’s the real standout. Irresistibly catchy.

I recommended you download Florrie’s Introduction EP yesterday, and if I could, I’d recommend it every day from now until the new year. She made have a name that people might confuse with Florence, but she’s a whole lot better, thanks to her schooling as the house-drummer for Xenomania.

Sky Ferreira
Some people may already know Sky Ferreira from the Vampire Diaries soundtrack, but if not, you should really check out ‘Obsession’, her second single, which failed to chart anywhere. However, her debut album comes out the second week of January, and is sure to be promoted to the hilt, bringing Ferreira to radios everywhere. Anyone that robs from Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock and Roll’ is good with me.

Sunday Girl
If I were to put all my eggs into one basket, this would be the one. Sunday Girl has a husky Diana Vickers voice, but is comprehensible from start to finish unlike Vickers. She also has much better tunes, like the wonderful ‘Stop Hey’. Her real name is Jade Williams by the way.

When the Guardian featured her in their daily New Music section in August, Hannah Yadi was unsigned, but that kind of press coverage always gets you noticed. She was on their radar because of her demo for ‘Guillotine’, a stripped-back essence of pop songs which is one of the most attention-grabbing songs I’ve heard this year. So imagine what it’ll be like with a full production team, and maybe a few remixes?

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