Live: Glee World Tour 2011

UPDATE: Officially confirmed. See here:

Allow me to speculate a little if you will. Other bloggers do it regularly, so why not me. I promise not to make a habit of it either.

Around 1 p.m. today, RTE 2FM morning presenter Hector o hEochagain tweeted that there was to be an exclusive Glee announcement on his show tomorrow morning (Friday 19th) after 8 a.m.

This got me wondering what it could be. It surely must be something big, why else would they mention it? An interview with one of the cast wouldn’t merit an “announcement”, and anyway TV3 have interviewed most of the cast already on Xpose.

The websites and are still up and running, and more importantly the first site, has a section marked 2011 Tour Dates. None are filled in yet, but give it time. In May of this year, the cast of the show went on a four-city, 13 date tour in the US – each show selling out, some within 30 seconds of going on sale. With the success of Glee around the world, it was inevitable a more expansive tour would happen. And in a Billboard article in May, this was exactly what was said “Plans are already in the works for another, longer Glee tour to follow the show’s second season in 2011″.

So do we have anything for definite? Not yet, but tomorrow morning will tell all. Glee live in Dublin in 2011? I’d say it’s highly likely.

EDIT: At 14:00 today, MCD also made a similar announcement on their facebook page:
“We have an amazing announcement tomorrow morning around 8.30am! Keep your eyes on Facebook!”

To tide you over until tomorrow morning, check out this post I did for in March, choosing the top 10 songs in Season One:

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