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Single Review: Paul Melia – Miss You

Paul Melia – ‘Miss You’

Paul Melia’s single ‘Miss You’ dropped into my inbox yesterday, and immediately I could tell it was going to be good. After a few seconds, I was entranced. ‘Miss You’ is so much better arranged and composed than 99% of the rest of music out there. This could be in part down to Paul’s synaesthesia, and also the backing of the Malmo Symphonic Orchestra. The album (and this single) were mastered by John Astley, who has worked with the Who and Abba, bringing a fabulous background of experience to help build on Melia’s score.

The single from the young Irishman is made better by the fantastic soaring chorus, outdoing Chris Martin’s finest crescendos. It’s a gorgeous track and a wonderful preview of Melia’s upcoming album, Hold Onto the Colours, which should be released in early 2011. Ever the perfectionist, Melia is putting some last minute touches to the record, and hopes to have it finished in the next two months. However, according to the artist himself, an EP is due shortly.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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