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Single Review: Take That – The Flood

Take That – ‘The Flood’

The new Take That single opens with the vocals of Robbie Williams against the backdrop of a Gary Barlow melody and lyrics, showing that the World’s biggest manband are truly back. Robbie was always the cheeky one, particularly in his own solo career, where he threw far more curveballs than the rest of the band combined. This sense of fun has returned to Take That, and is evident all over their first single as a reunited five-piece, ‘The Flood’. Taken from their new album Progress, it came out in Ireland on Friday and the UK this morning.

The new record is produced by Stuart Price, who recently worked on Scissor Sisters’ Night Work, and ‘The Flood’ has a Scissors-feel to its opening while Williams leads vocal duties. Then Barlow takes over, but when the entire band chime in for the chorus, you know that this is a modern Take That hit that will fit easily in setlists alongside ‘Greatest Day’ and ‘Shine’.

Many people have claimed that Williams isn’t a strong singer, but from the evidence of ‘The Flood’ it’s nearly impossible to agree with him. Barlow is a better balladeer, but Williams can really hold a note and is a much more emotive singer. Price’s production is immaculate, and it would have been easy for the song to be overdone, but the highs are high and the lows are finely restrained.

The song is a wonderful single from the fivesome, and a hint of more to come on next week’s album (out Friday 12th in Ireland). The real Take That are back.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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  1. marianne aagaard

    The real Take That came back in 2005 and have since written some wonderful AND funny songs without HIM. He is certainly not the cheeky one to me but the annoying one. I like the song but its quality have nothing to do with Robbie Williams. He is not really capable of writing tunes, is he? I prefer the parts in the song where Williams shut up and let the others sing. Too bad he had to sing lead on the song but his massive ego probably got in the way again……………

  2. Barlow's fan

    “Barlow is a better balladeer, but Williams can really hold a note and is a much more emotive singer.”

    Have you listened to any Take That songs from the 90s, or even after 2005 before the quintet’s reunion? Or any of Gary’s solo songs? Gary Barlow is a more capable vocalist than Robbie, his emotions are perfectly heard in any song he performs and he can definitely hold a longer tune. I bet Robbie can’t sing Patience like he does.

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