List: Best Irish EPs of 2010 Part Two

Part two of the top 20 Irish EPs of 2010. Check out part one (20-11) here:


School Tour
Yes Way Tour

Cold Dead Hands’ Gerard Duffy has his fingers in many pies. As well as playing with Patrick Kelleher and Cold Dead Hands, he directs videos and blogs, and now has released his own solo EP under the moniker School Tour. This EP is a rapturous piece of ambient electronica, and is full of beautiful soundscapes.


Sacred Animals
Welcome Home

Forget iamwhoamiwhoeverwheneverwherevershakirashakira, Wexford’s Sacred Animals was this year’s best mystery-laden artist. Secretive and non-gigging, it didn’t matter who the man behind the scenes was, as long as he kept providing us with music this great. Gorgeous vocals combined with ethereal music made for one of the best surprises of the year.


We Are Losers
We Are Losers

Another sideproject from SEBP’s Gavin Elsted, but this one was amazingly better than the excellent Adultrock. It’s wonderful indie pop, with a lot more charm than the guitarist’s other sideproject. Harmless Noise stated in response to hearing this that “We’re all just people and need to cheer up”, and she’s exactly right, that’s what the self-titled EP will do, in three songs or less.


Bill Coleman
Black and Blue

With numerous coloured EPs released this year via Bandcamp, I easily could have included three entries from alt-folk singer Bill Coleman on this list. However, I stumped for Black and Blue (I Want You to Know), which was like picking a favourite child. This is the cleverer one, the one that will go to college, and that you’re proud to show off to your peers. That said, it can still be fun and has an obvious charm.


Brain Fluid

The Brain Fluid EP from Windings was a marvellous taster for Windings’ debut album It’s Never Night, but more than that, it was a clever collection of self-penned tracks and inspired cover versions. Covering standards by the Beatles and Abba is always a challenge, but Windings added enough of their own sugar-coated genius to make them sound fresh and original.


Planet Parade
Zulu Sound

Still yet to release their debut album, Kildare’s Planet Parade further whetted our appetites in October with the Zulu Sound EP. Like their previous release Ghosts to People, their second EP was choc-full of brilliant pop-rock hooks, and further highlights their ear for a great hook. Their full-length is easily my most anticipated Irish album.


I Am Not Lefthanded
Time to Leave

Another act yet to release a debut album, Irish-English trio I am Not Lefthanded have made a name for themselves with a string of wonderful releases, like January 1st’s Time to Leave EP. The packaging for the album is exceptional, and the range of editions are a shining light in how to release music. But all this would be no good if thee content was lacking. Luckily, this indie-pop record is their finest release yet, and the glorious ‘Everybody Sleeps’ is definitely one of the year’s standout tracks.


The Holy Roman Army

On their covers EP Desecrations, Carlow duo the Holy Roman Army reinvented their favourite tracks. None of them sound anything like the original versions, and instead easily stand alongside the rest of the HRA canon. Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ and the Pixies ‘Wave of Mutilation’ were standouts, with the Bon Iver track being stripped back even more – something that didn’t seem possible.


O Emperor

Unfortunately O Emperor’s debut album Hither Thither didn’t live up to the expectations I had for it. But that was always an impossible task, given this flawless EP. Every song on this four track EP is perfect, from the pop-rock monster ‘Don’t Mind Me’ to the beautiful laid back ‘It Only Comes to Pass’. Essential listening.


The Brilliant Things
The Brilliant Things

Six pop songs, each could be a contender for the best song of 2010. Opener ‘Revolution’ is a perfect tune, and I’m amazed it wasn’t everywhere this summer. Marie Junior’s beautiful vocals combine with Greg French’s brilliant pop hooks to create golden syrupy pop tunes. If you haven’t already downloaded this EP (it’s just four quid), what are you waiting for? The Best EP of 2010, by a country mile.

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  1. D-Yell

    Nice list! Really like the Sacred Animals.
    I loved the Kowalski and Ambience Affair EP’s too.

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