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Album Review: Airwave Atlantic – Game Play EP

Airwave Atlantic – Game Play

From the cover alone, you know what you’re getting from Airwave Atlantic’s year-opening EP, Game Play, these are 8-bit electronic tunes, with sounds straight out of Asteroids. Opener ‘Electric Parade’ is a Daft Punk-style tune and is a fine beginning to an EP by someone who shows up online as merely “Shay from Dublin”. However, second song ‘Alien Invasion’ sounds less like Mars Attacks and Independence Day and more like some brain-washing B-movie. It’s a song which seems to not know what to do with itself, and feels like sound effects for sound effects’ sake.

‘Explosion!’ is much, much better. It’s a sprightly, bouncing 75 seconds, and could have been really something had it been fleshed out into a longer track. It seems to end only as it starts to get going. ‘Foreign Adventure’ is a mixed-bag of sounds, and while there is a distinct flow to the song, it’s not as melodic as the others. Closer ‘Robot Fantasy’ sounds like a chiptune recording of a game of Pong with its repetitive rhythm and minor beats. It also has a lot of potential but fails to live up to it.

This EP hints that Airwave Atlantic could be someone worth following, and has a lot of potential, but it needs more focus. There’s glimpses of greatness, but as a whole, it’s two good songs and three average ones.

[xrr rating=2/5]

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