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Album Review: Awake Young Soldiers – When Leo Met Cherry EP

Awake Young Soldiers – When Leo Met Cherry

When Leo Met Cherry is Awake Young Soldiers’ second EP after last year’s impressive debut From the Veteran’s Dream, and was launched just last weekend at the Workman’s Club. It’s now available for free from the Kildare six-piece’s bandcamp page (you can also grab it below).

The EP starts strongly with lead single ‘Slowly Sadly’, a fast-paced three minute affair which has all the hallmarks of the type of song that could be used in a sporting montage by RTE. The second half of the song has a Mumford and Sons-esque breakdown section that is sure to appeal to many, before launching back into the chorus to end things off with a bang.

‘Behold’ is a lovely slow burner, and features gorgeous instrumentation which gives the song an extra dimension. Better still, Dave Fahey’s vocals have never sounded so good. Both gritty and fragile, his words float above the textured melody, making for a beautiful track. Closer ‘Check Point’ is a wonderfully varied tune, contrasting an upbeat opening with a smart, smooth instrumental middle. And that crescendo at the end? Inspired.

Three out of four ain’t bad right? The only weak point here is the mellow bass-driven ‘Joe Panama’, whose chorus doesn’t stand out enough to make it a decent tune. It’s a bit monotonous to be honest, and is the only thing that stops this EP from essential status, which is a pity. Still, it’s a very worthy release from one of Ireland’s finest newcomers. Expect to hear more from these guys.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


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