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Album Review: No Monster Club – Young Guts Champion

No Monster Club – Young Guts Champion EP

Former Dublin Duck Dispenser Bobby Aherne is back with another No Monster Club release, his first for Sydney, Australia label Masses//Masses. It’s a wonderful collection of low-fi garage-pop, that takes its inspiration from the Strokes and the Libertines.

The EP as a whole has an early 00s sound, and with all this 80s revivalism and a dearth of synths on 2010 records, why can’t 2011 be the year where the 00s make a comeback? Surely there turn has come on VH1 Classic? Opener ‘Slow Learner’ starts off slow before getting into a fantastic stride when Aherne’s bouncy chorus kicks in around the minute mark (and he really does sound like a Dub Doherty).

There’s nothing here as radio-friendly as ‘Last Nite’ or ‘The Man Who Would Be King’, but that’s not a negative thing. No Monster Club are one of those bands you want to know intimately and don’t want the wider world to interfere with your bedroom dancing. ‘The Last Bottle in the World’ has all the remnants of a live classic, and ‘Electric Picnic’ could easily slow things down in a tent after a performance from the likes of ASIWYFA at the festival itself.

The songs chime in at around two minutes each, and the whole experience clocks in at less than fifteen minutes, but it’s such a wonderful burst of garage-pop, you’re more likely to pop it on for a second run-through straight after. I look forward to bopping along to ‘Fighting Maps’ and the indecipherable ‘A Morbid Fascination’ when they tour Ireland later this year (it has to happen, surely?).

With Young Guts Champion, No Monster Club have improved considerably on last year’s debut album Brain Heat Wave, and 2011 should be the year everyone stands up and takes notice of one of Ireland’s best upcoming acts.

[xrr rating=4/5]


No Monster Club – ‘The Last Bottle in the World’

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