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Album Review: Refraction – Refraction

Refraction – Refraction

Instrumental Dublin four-piece Refraction have just released their self-titled debut through Big Cartel, and reminds me of a vocal-less Alcest. The six songs on the record are nicely textured, and shows that the band were right to work out all the kinks and nuances for the past four years before finally getting around to releasing this polished debut.

The songs themselves are long ones, amounting to 45 minutes total for just six tracks. That said, the album has a cohesive flow from start to finish which makes this all one drawn-out post-metal suite rather than a collection of trashing metal tunes. The song structures are elaborate, and seem almost build for expansion in a live setting. The guitar lines here are smooth and fully audible, with the rhythm section (particularly the bass) keeping things under control, and guiding it all along.

As I said earlier, it’s more a complete work than individual tracks, so it’s hard to highlight where Refraction succeed and fail. ‘Light Fades’, ‘Until We Reach’, and ‘Into Nothing’ contain the best sections, the most urgent, the most melodic pieces, but unfortunately the album is let down by a lack of variety. Technically superb, it just isn’t diverse enough. There needs to be more emphasis on individual songcraft rather than overall soundscapes if Refraction really want to make a great album. That said, what’s here is pretty decent.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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