Download: P.A.L.A.S. – Quantify Direction

I got an email from new Irish band P.A.L.A.S. about their debut EP over Christmas/New Year, but with everything going on, I overlooked it. However, I got a chance to check out the tunes since and am liking what I’m hearing. It’s a nice collection of beats and synths, and they could be one to watch for 2011. Since Quantify Direction was released at the end of the year, it’s too late for me to review it now (I’m focusing thoroughly on 2011 reviews now), but I do recommend downloading the EP. ‘Logic’ is the standout track, but it’s all pretty solid.

Who the guys are is all very secretive – I know, but I’m not telling you – I will tell you this though, they (a) aren’t a Will Oldham project, and (b) they don’t make sliced cooked meats.


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