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I reviewed an album by the mysterious LotusEater yesterday on Swear I’m Not Paul giving it 4.5/5. Nobody anywhere seemed to know anything about the band, but last night, through a series of tweets and emails I got in touch with Aiden Norris, the band’s guitarist. I found out that the four-piece band were formed from the ruins of Lucid, where Aiden and singer Siobhan Kavanagh learned their wares. Lucid split, and then in the past two months Aiden and Siobhan teamed up with Tim Lynch and Neil Power, working on their debut album in secret. Well, until I exposed it to the world yesterday. Here’s what Aiden had to say about LotusEater and the upcoming record.

Firstly, how did LotusEater come about? And who are LotusEater?
LotusEater began as a concept during the summer of 2010 myself (Aiden – guitar) and the singer (Siobhan) have played music together for years and the previous band we were both playing in had come to an end. The idea was to create a band that gelled all the styles we love to play together. Funk, Rock, trip-hop, jazz and create our own place where they could all meet. In the later parts of the summer we stumbled across Timmy (bass) and Neil (drums) who were playing together in another band, we finally had a jam and it was musical love at first sight . The band is in its extreme infant years, but in the short amount of time we’ve played. We’ve managed to write a 13 to 15 song album and finally have a live set we’re quiet proud of, and itching to gig. SO anyone out there short a band for a gig, hit us up on bandcamp!

Guides isn’t meant to be an album at all, is it?
The Album name Guides is meant to explain itself really, I should have been a bit clearer though!
The tracks on our bandcamp weren’t meant for release or public viewing yet really. These are Guide Tracks for the album were currently recording. Hence the album comment “Music For Neil Power (our drummer) to make sweet love drums to” they were put up online for us to be able to show who we are with the intention of getting some gigs organised for the coming months while we’re recording this album…

Any idea on what the proper album will be called, or when it’ll be released?
The proper album is in the making and we’re really putting a lot of work into it at the moment. its all being recorded in a home studio of mine and I’m quite the fan of little to no sleep, so don’t think it will take long for us to get this album to the finish line. The naming of the album will be Siobhan’s department, she has an amazing way with words and im sure she’ll come up with something perfect as we plow through the recording of this. In terms of a release date etc., I would hope to have this all fully recorded and produced sometime in March.

Were you upset at the unfinished tracks being found online?
Upset? Not at all, very, very surprised though, I had uploaded the tracks on there a day before you stumbled across the site and a good friend had done the artwork while I was uploading them, only expected the people who had been emailed about the page to check it out. And to receive such an in-depth review into our unfinished music was really special for us. It was the first time it had been critiqued by someone and you really understood what we are aiming for in our music.

What are your aims for 2011? What’s the goal for LotusEater?
This year is all about the birth of LotusEater really. Finish our debut album, and start to gig are our two main priorities.
This sort of music when played live can be refreshing as its not yer normal gig you’d happen apon, we feel this should work in our favour and give the crowd something a bit different to go to.

Sample the drum-less ‘Mirror’:

Read the review and hear the rest of Guides here:

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