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Album Review: Sexy Audible Chocolate – Interprime

Sexy Audible Chocolate – Interprime

Interprime is the first full length album from Cork electro producer Eoin Murphy. He’s previously released two EPs, and is endlessly entertaining in describing his recording process on his facebook page.

Unfortunately, not all of the album is as entertaining as it read. Opener ‘Stylodipus’ is the second longest track on the album, and never seems to get going. It drags out and is on the whole, dull. ‘Confidence Man’ improves the situation somewhat, and actually builds up into something promising around a minute and a half. However, it’s still too laid back for my liking, and is a portent for the album as a whole.

There are a few promising tunes here, the breathy ‘Glon Songna’, the robotic rock of ‘P.Communis’, the almost R&B beats of ‘Unicode’, and the sweeping textures of ‘(2)FgiC’ all stand out. But there is more to look over than to admire. Murphy called the record “a synth odyssey”, and like that of Homer, it takes forever to get anywhere, and even longer to get back. It could have made a great EP, but fleshed out to a full-length, there’s far too many filler tracks.

[xrr rating=1.5/5]


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