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Album Review: The Boondalk Saints – EP

The Boondalk Saints – EP

The Boondalk Saints are a Louth/Meath-based four-piece centred around the town of Dundalk, thus the clever name. Their facebook page lists their influences as bands like Oasis, Pearl Jam, the Rolling Stones, and the Who (twice). So if you like your music rocking, the Boondalk Saints are for you.

This EP is nothing groundbreaking, they’re not out to change rock and roll. These four guys just play very tight, melody-driven rock music. Which is sometimes exactly what you need. The three songs here all have a fantastic barroom vibe, and will have you toe-tapping and singing along in no time.

All three songs are worthy of praise on their own, opener ‘At Least I’m Real’ is led by a throbbing riff and pounding bass, but what really makes it are the bitter lyrics spat out by singer Paul Matthews. ‘Bring Me Down’ is an unrelenting tune with the repeated refrain “I’m moving too fast and I can’t stop running”, which is matched by James Moriarty’s torrential riff, making it all reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age at their highest tempo.

They save the best until last with ‘Get So Old’, a Strokesian rocker which easily could be Ireland’s very own ‘Last Nite’ for 2011. This EP is a very accomplished debut from an extremely promising rock band. It’s not out to reinvent the wheel, but for what it does, it’s tremendously enjoyable.

[xrr rating=4/5]


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  1. “These four guys just play very tight, melody-driven rock music.”

    Sounds like the kind of music I’d listen to. Thanks for sharing!

  2. maglev375

    I’ve listened to a lot of stuff on this site today, this stands out, it sounds like they mean it

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