Download: Dntel – Enya Remixes

A lot of you might not have heard of Dntel, but you will have heard of Enya. She’s that haunting Irish singer, whereas he’s the other dude from the Postal Service – the one who’s not in Death Cab for Cutie. The Postal Service, whose album Give Up was one of the best debuts of the 00s. Ah yes, them.

Jimmy Tamborello has been around a while with the Dntel moniker, releasing eight albums (four on SubPop, well three and a remix record), but his finest hour so far came on the 2002 EP (This is) the Dream of Evan and Chan, which featured lyrics and vocals from none other than Ben Gibbard, paving the way for the Postal Service album. Hey guys, where’s the follow-up? There’s no sign of it coming, but he has remixed Enya, so that’s something, right?

Plus, he’s made it all available for free download with the following message:
“I make music as Dntel, my last few releases have come out on Sub Pop. I’ve loved Enya since I was a teenager and I just finished this mini-album of remixes I did this past fall after a marathon revisiting of her records. I’m really proud of it, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out a way to give it a legitimate release. I felt like if I tried to get it to her through any of the usual channels it would probably get shut down before it even made it to her ears. Hopefully nobody will mind it floating around, it was made with love and no money will be made off of it. I hope you enjoy it!! – Jimmy Tamborello”



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