Exclusive Download: P.A.L.A.S. Fischer Endgame Preview

Thanks to the fantastic Kildare electronic group P.A.L.A.S., I have the exclusive stream (and download) of two songs from their upcoming debut album, Fischer Endgame. If you look really closely at the album art or at the track titles, you’ll see that the record is inspired by chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer. The press release states why this is so: “When you talk about Bobby Fischer, you have separate the man from the achievements. He was an absolute mastermind at chess. But, in his own life, he was utterly insane. The album’s about his achievements, his games – not the man.”

Like their EP Quantify Direction, which I really enjoyed, the songs from Fischer Endgame wouldn’t sound out of place on a science fiction soundtrack.

The album will be freely available online next week (March 7th from their bandcamp), and they’ll play their first ever live show at the Drop-D relaunch party on March 19th at Twisted Pepper. For now, have a listen to ‘Qb4 Ra4 (The Expanse)’ and ‘g6 Bg7 (My Glory Unfurled)’ below.

1. Qxb4 Qd4 (Opening Theory) – 2’00
2. Qb4 Ra4 (The Expanse) – 3’20
3. 0-0-0 (Ruthless Efficency) – 3’51
4. e4 e5 Nf3 (Sacrificial Moves) – 2’24
5. f7 (Crush The Other Man’s Mind) – 2’50
6. Re8 c5 (Castle) – 3’47
7. g6 Bg7 (My Glory Unfurled) – 3’28
8. Bxd4+ RxD4 Ne5 (Fischer Endgame, Pt. I & II) – 2’52


P.A.L.A.S. – ‘Qb4 Ra4 (The Expanse)’:

P.A.L.A.S. – ‘g6 Bg7 (My Glory Unfurled)’:

Also, download the EP here:

Full Album:

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  1. The full album is out now. Not on their bandcamp yet though.

  2. Thanks Colin, edited the post to put in the stream.

  3. This is great stuff – wish I could make those noises, myself! Very cinematic.

  4. Glad you like them Shane. Yeah, I could see them soundtracking some sci-fi in the future.

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