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Watch: Rebecca Black – Friday

Are you prepared to hear the best female artist since Madonna? Since Britney? Since Christina? Since Gaga? Well, prepare to wait a lot longer, because Rebecca Black is not who you’re looking for. Her song ‘Friday’ breaks new ground in awful. But it’s so awful, I can’t stop watching, and had to share it. The lyrics are awful, the rapping is awful, the video is awful, the way she says “Frieday is awful, oh and did I mention the lyrics? “Yesterday was Thurdsay, and today it is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards”

It’s Friday, I’m in hate. But I’ll just have to watch it one more time to annoy myself. Which seat can I take indeed.

(Also, watch a tremendous Bob Dylan version of the song here.)


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  1. Lust

    someone is extremely envious and jealous, haha..

  2. I agree this is a trainwreck. I am curious who is the rapper? He looks familiar.

  3. Megan Reiners

    I finally got through this horrifying song after a ‘friend’ posted it on my FB. Anyone remember Janice, off of Friends? I think we finally found her long lost daughter! Fry-day Fry-day

  4. Megan Reiners

    Now that I’m investigating, this Ark Music Factory puts a ton of horrifying stuff produced by middleschool-teens.


    Oh hes flo rida and usher combined just lettin you know.

  6. Megan Reiners

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xHfRUW99aI&NR=1 Heres another one, same Ark Music Factory. AND the same rapper lol!!


    oh mai gawd dis iz da best

  8. Bad complexions, braces, inane chatter, lobotomies. I don’t know, this girl seems to have the teenage years down pat.

  9. Ah but did you record your teenage years and upload it to youtube as a song? WIth the worst lyrics ever?

    AH if youtube had been around then, we probably would have. Wouldn’t we?

  10. Not only is the music awful, the lyrics awful and the rapping awful but the video triggered some latent epilepsy in me!

  11. RonanC
  12. Ah now Ronan, was one version not enough?

  13. No lie, I started playing this video, and a whole bunch of animals started going crazy outside and attacking people.

    Not good. Not good at all.

  14. This makes me want to kill myself. Is she considered to have talent, or…?

  15. what the fuck did i just watch?

  16. Jon

    Guys, this is a serious protest song. Less of the snark please


  17. Fun Fun Fun >_<

  18. I suffered through it once and am already haunted by the nastiness of it. Can’t believe you put yourself through that a few times Ronan – is this some Lenten penance? Roisin

  19. Keefer

    If you are reading this it’s probably too late for you but just remember… you can NOT “unsee” something. This will be with you for the rest of your life!

  20. Roisin: Unearthing pop hits is what I do. But in this case I seem to have helped uncover a monster! And not a good one either…

  21. Keefer: You can’t unhear it either. Every time someone says the word Friday, it pops into my head!

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