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Album Review: Barbarellas – Night Mode

Barbarellas – Night Mode

It’s been over ten years since ‘Jesse Hold On’ and ‘I Shall Be There’. Isn’t it about time we heard something new from B*Witched? Probably not, as during the past few years when every other chart topping boyband or girlband has reunited, there was not even scant shouts for a B*Witched Reunion Tour. Not even for a one-off Back to the 90s gig in Time Nightclub. However, last week saw the release of Night Mode from Barbarellas, otherwise known as Edele and Keavy Lynch (brothers of Shane, and formerly of B*Witched). So what’s it like?

Firstly, before you even hear any music, there’s the ridiculous wigs and image they’ve gone for on the cover, as well as in their promotion of the record. It all seems so forced. The music isn’t much different. Lead single, and album opener ‘Body Rock’ sounds dated, but more 80s than B*Witched’s late 90s stilton. The title track, ‘Night Mode’ as well as ‘Turn Me On’ sound like rejected B-sides from a Britney Spears album, while ‘Big’ totally rips off Gaga.

That’s really what this album feels like, a poor tribute to their musical heroes – well, those powerful ladies in pop who are still making music. However, these Barbarellas pastiches are simply awful, especially and the horrendous ‘Play Dirty’ and the weak ballad ‘Faith In Me’. And a song that sounds like Alesha Dixon (‘Tip It’) is never going to be a success. How about making your own sound girls?

It’s not all horrendous. ‘Could You Ever’ and ‘Kiss From a Ghost’ are actually alright, while ‘The Idea’ is a decent attempt at Scandinavian pop, but alright and decent just isn’t good enough is it? Not when it’s coming from people who have had success before with catchy pop.

All in all, a pretty awful album. It has all the feel and sound of those faux-covers that are piped into shops and stores like you hear in Superdrug. There’s something not right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Well here, it’s obvious what’s wrong. The songs, while on the whole, are woeful. I wouldn’t even recommend this album to B*Witched completists. Yes, it’s that bad.

[xrr rating=1/5]