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Album Review: Cfit – Triage

Cfit – Triage

If you’ve heard the debut single from Noel Duplaa and Jennifer Roche’s Cfit, then you’ll be expecting woozy, bruised, melancholy anthems. Well that’s what the band say themselves anyway. That single ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Shit’ features early and features often on their first album, Triage, popping up at #2 and at #10 for reprise ‘Don’t Sweat the Smaller Shit’.

It was a good idea to put that track on here in two versions, because it totally lives up to the description above. A fantastic tune, it deserves to be heard, particularly for that twinkling melody. Elbow-esque, it should have universal appeal. As for the other eight songs? Well, it’s a mixed bag really. Opener ‘Great Pressure’ has glimpses of greatness, but is far too hazy for my liking. When it tones itself down to just a clear, concise guitar line and vocals, it sounds much better.

‘The Static’ sounds like one of Damon Albarn’s more adventurous works, and features a wonderfully punchy melody and otherworldly vocals. ‘Sideways’ fits the woozy label perfectly, as it slows things down before they get out of control. ‘Base Isolation’ is a standout, with Jennifer Roche’s vocals getting a chance to shine, as she takes the lead. A perfect centrepiece to the album.

Cfit definitely don’t lack ambition, and it’s this overreaching ambition that often proves their downfall. Sometimes it works, like on ‘The Static’ and ‘Great Pressure’. However, the majority of the album is restrained enough to capture your attention, even all seven minutes of ‘Plausible Deniability’ keeps the listener interested.

This album is a fine first attempt, and for the most part is a well-finished effort. However, sometimes Cfit try to put too many eggs in their basket and can be infuriating. That said, I enjoy this record, and no doubt will return to it many times before the year is out.

[xrr rating=3/5]


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  1. Think it’s better than that Ro – beginning to believe it is altogether incredible actually.

  2. Go on Kev, convince me of its greatness. I’m sure it’s possible for me to be converted.

  3. Ok then, watch this

    and then reevaluate!

  4. David

    It’s a real grower – must have listened to it a thousand times and each time I found something new in it. Saw them live as one of those friend of a friend recommendations and think they deserve a real shot.

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