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Eurovision 2011 Preview: Part 2

After yesterday’s opening gambit, here’s part 2 of my preview for the first semi-final at Eurovision 2011, due to take place on May 10th in Dusseldorf.

SERBIA: Нина (Nina) – ‘Чаробан’ (‘Caroban’/'Magical’)
The song may be called magical, but there’s nothing magical about it. Very straight-forward Europop tune, and nothing we haven’t heard half-a-million times before at Eurovision. The fact it’s all in Serbian won’t get it as many Croat or Albanian votes either.
If ‘Caroban’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Sandie Jones ‘Ceol an Ghrá’ (1972). I had no idea what the lyrics in that were about either.

RUSSIA: Alex Sparrow – ‘Get You’
Bros are back! Well, just one of them. Alex Sparrow’s tune probably has the best team behind it, with Lady Gaga producer RedOne performing his magic on the knobs behind this song. I’d have this one down as one of the favourites. Russia has a lot of neighbours, and Alexey Vladimirovich Vorobyov (you didn’t think he was really called Sparrow did you?) is sure to appeal to many ladies (and gents) in the audience.
If ‘Get You’ were a past Irish entry, it would be: Johnny Logan ‘What’s Another Year?’ (1980) Decent song, handsome singer, could go all the way. Whether we’ll see Sparrow doing ads for McDonald’s in the future is a different question though.

SWITZERLAND: Anna Rossinelli – ‘In Love For a While’
This is a real song, that I could see the indie-kids liking. That said, indie-kids don’t watch Eurovision, and twee pop isn’t going to win back any love from Turkey, so Anna probably won’t make it out of the semi-final. Which is a pity, because this is a nice song.
If ‘In Love For a While’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Angela Farrell ‘One Day Love’ (1971). A nice song, but no-one remembers it, or the singer. Same will happen with Anna Rossinelli.

GEORGIA: Eldrine – ‘One More Day’
This has an Annie or Robyn feel to it, which makes it surprising that it’s from the Caucasus and not Scandinavia. Well, that’s until the Linkin Park rap in the middle. Then the song turns to Evanescence. That’s not a good thing. m/ indeed.
If ‘One More Day’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Muriel Day ‘The Wages of Love’ (1969). Tried to be cool at the time, but even then, it sounded dated. Eldrine would’ve been so much better if she had sang by herself and kept the pop stylings.

FINLAND: Paradise Oskar – ‘Da Da Dam’
Axel Ehnström looks like a Finn, he sounds like a Finn, but he’s pretty decent at this singer-songwriter lark. Since Jamie Lawson is the singer du jour at the moment, I’d expect us to throw this a few votes (if it makes the final that is). The lyrics are about Global Warming too. Oooh, controversial!
If ‘Da Da Dam’ was a past Irish entry, it would be: Chris Doran ‘If My World Stopped Turning’ (2004). Simple song, simple message. Probably doomed to fail, like Ireland’s 2004 Brian McFadden-penned smash hit tune.

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  1. It was all going well until that picture at the end of the McD lad!

  2. Kevin: You can’t do a post about Eurovision without a pic of Johnny!

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